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Ukraine’s defense ministry released a lengthy statement on Monday claiming there had been ten cases of ceasefire violations by Russian forces, including weapons banned by the Minsk accords. The government department said in the Donetsk sector, in the suburbs of Verkhnotoretske and Vodiana in the Sea of ​​Azov region, “the enemy opened fire at the positions of Ukrainian soldiers with 82 mm mortars and 120 mm banned by the Minsk agreements, as well as grenades launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns “.

Ukraine reported that near the eastern villages of Lebedynske and Trudivske “the enemy attacked the positions of our soldiers with heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers”.

The Defense Ministry added that in the nearby village of Hnutove, “the enemy used an anti-tank hand grenade launcher and small arms near Maryinka.”

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk sector near Pivdenne, Russian forces “attacked the positions of the combined forces with grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns”, the Ukrainian soldiers responding accordingly.

Earlier on Tuesday at 12 p.m. local time, Ukraine said that “the enemy” had opened fire twice on the positions of its soldiers and near the settlement of Hnutove Russian forces had used “a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher “.

The Defense Ministry said in a lengthy statement that the “aggressor state” was not fulfilling its international obligations and agreements, with Russia instead increasing its combat potential in the temporarily occupied territories and close to Ukraine’s borders. .

It was therefore concluded that Russia caused “increased tensions in the” temporarily occupied territory in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions “.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said: “The aggressor state continues to fail to fulfill its international obligations and agreements.

“Instead, the Russian Federation is increasing its combat potential in the temporarily occupied territories and near the borders of Ukraine.

“According to the defense intelligence services of Ukraine, the command of the Russian armed forces is causing increased tensions in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

“Thus, the units of the First and Second Corps of the Russian Occupation Troop Task Group are brought to higher levels of combat readiness.

“Enemy personnel were withdrawn from vacations, sent in advance to the places of duty of people undergoing treatment in medical institutions, ammunition resupply of forward units is carried out.”

The Ministry of Defense added in its statement: “At the same time, among the personnel of the occupiers and the local population, rumors spread about the likelihood of the outbreak of hostilities with their possible development into a large-scale military conflict during the events. . in Crimea on March 17 and 18 on the occasion of another anniversary of the occupation of the peninsula with the participation of the highest authority of the Russian state and the army. “

The latest eruption of tensions comes when Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) claimed it had prevented a large-scale cyberattack by Russian hackers targeting classified government data.

The SBU alleged that the aim was “to gain access to classified data of the highest institutions of state power in Ukraine”.

The service also accused the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) of being behind the hackers who it said carried out the attempted attack.

Ukraine has previously accused Russia of initiating major cyber attacks as part of a “hybrid war” against it, which Moscow has continued to firmly deny.

Ukrainian cyber authorities last month accused anonymous Russian internet networks of attacks on its security and defense websites, as well as attempting to distribute malicious material through a web-based system.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in February 2014 and revolves around the status of the Ukrainian regions of Crimea and Donbass.

The two countries have been at daggers drawn since Russia’s annexation of Crimea to Ukraine seven years ago and involvement in a conflict in the Donbass region which, according to Kiev, has left around 14,000 dead.


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