Wisconsin candle company sends check for $125,000 to Ukraine


A Wisconsin candle company supporting Ukraine through the sale of candles sent its first check for $125,000 to Razom for Ukraine.

FOX6 News spoke with the owner of Door County Candle Company who is trying to shed some light on what’s happening overseas.

“We all felt so helpless. After that I said to myself, I have to do something,” said Christiana Tripani.

Tripani describes what many Ukrainian Americans felt when they saw their home country invaded by Russia.

So Tripani turned to what she knows best, candle making, especially for Ukraine.

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“I thought you know, even though we’re only selling 10, we’re still making money and raising awareness.”

His hope of 10 vanilla candle sales turned into almost 4,000 in just two days, with all proceeds going to Razom for a Ukraine, a non-profit organization serving the needs of the country.

“People, even if they are not Ukrainian or have ties to Ukraine, people are really good. There are a lot of good people and people just want to help. I’m happy that we can provide a way to help and donate to a very good reputable organization,” Tripani said.

Tripani asks for patience as the candles are handmade and can take up to two weeks to ship due to high demand.

Learn more about buying a candle or simply donating to the nonprofit.


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