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European leaders meet to discuss new sanctions against Russia

A special two-day European Council summit begins today as EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss a new round of sanctions against Russia. High on the agenda is a ban on Russian oil, which has been obstructed by Hungary. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is meeting the French foreign minister today, will join talks via video link on Tuesday to brief leaders on the situation in Ukraine and push for more sophisticated and powerful weapons. Zelenskyy made a rare trip outside Kyiv yesterday to visit soldiers and boost morale. Meanwhile, Russian forces entered the key city of Sievierodonetsk, destroying critical infrastructure. (Source: AlJazeera, NYT, DW)

A nation cries…again

Bidens attends mass in Uvalde 12 days after Buffalo

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Robb Elementary School to pay their respects to the 21 victims of last week’s rampage before attending mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The president’s visit came less than two weeks after he traveled to Buffalo to meet with the families of the 10 people killed in a racist supermarket attack. The couple stood in silence as they read the names of the victims, touching each of their portraits while wiping away tears. “We can’t ban tragedy, I know that, but we can make America safer,” Biden said. (Source: WaPo, NPR, Axios)

Glut of jobs

Unemployment at record highs in 17 states

The nation’s unemployment rate hit record highs in 17 states last month, mostly in the Midwest, South and Mountain West, dropping to an all-time low of 1.9% in Nebraska. The figures mark a sharp reversal from record unemployment in 15 of those states, which soared to 14.7% during COVID-19, its highest figure since 1948. The figures suggest that the labor market, a mainstay of the economy, is getting stronger in the face of recent equity volatility. Across the country, employers are raising wages to attract workers in a tight job market, with average hourly wages up 5.5% from a year ago. (Source: WSJ)

Fatal logic

Guns don’t kill people, evil kills people, says NRA

If you thought the slaughter of 19 children and two adults less than 300 miles away would dampen tempers at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston this weekend, think again. Amid acres of weapons and tactical gear, speakers including former President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott joined by video, attributed the massacre to mental illness, the forces of evil and the teachings of the left – everything but guns. Calling the possession of firearms “a human right”, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre renewed his calls for armed guards in schools, insisting that more guns, not fewer, will solve the gun problem in the United States. (Source: Texas Grandstand, rolling stone, Politics)


here are some things you should know today:

Contaminated fruit. The FDA says an outbreak of hepatitis A in several states is potentially linked to contaminated organic strawberries. The berries were sold at Kroger, Aldi, Safeway, Trader Joe’s and Walmart, among other supermarkets. (Source: WSJ) Verdict delayed. Proceedings in the Depp-Heard double defamation trial ended Friday in just over two hours without a verdict. The jury will meet on Tuesday. (Source: Reuters) Top race. The sequel to actor Tom Cruise Top Gun: Maverick scored $151 million at the worldwide box office this weekend in the second-best movie opening of all time. (Source: Hollywood journalist)


‘Turn off the lights’

362 school counselors describe the effect of the pandemic on children

At a time when child and youth mental health has been called aa national emergencya New York Times survey of 362 school counselors described American schoolchildren in post-pandemic America as falling behind in their ability to “learn, cope, and communicate.” An astonishing 94% of counselors surveyed described students as showing more signs of anxiety and depression than before the pandemic, 88% said children had difficulty regulating their emotions and nearly three-quarters said they were worse at resolving conflicts with friends . The survey also found understaffed schools, with many counselors “putting out fires” instead of doing “preventative work”. (Source: NYT)


Indigenous filmmaker fired by Cannes Security Over Footwear

Filmmaker Kelvin Redvers, from the Dene Indigenous community in Canada’s Northwest Territories, was denied access to the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival for wearing traditional moccasins. Redvers, who traveled to France with a delegation of Indigenous filmmakers, likened wearing the shoes to a Scottish director wearing a kilt, and said moccasins were “an integral part of our culture”. Although officials later apologized, it seems Cannes organizers are particularly shoe-conscious: in 2015, the festival was criticized for ban women – including people with disabilities – from the red carpet for wearing flats instead of high heels. (Source: Hollywood journalist, AlJazeera)


Pulled pork or banana peels? It’s anyone guess

With a third of the world’s food supply is wasted and polluting cattle and a sharp decline in global wildlife, it is crucial to rethink our consumption habits. Enter the humble banana peel. Although the average American consumes 13.4 pounds of bananas a year, we still haven’t figured out what people in India, Southeast Asia and Venezuela have known for years: not only banana peels are edible, but they’re packed with essential nutrients – and they’re delicious. Prepared with a blend of condiments and spices and served on a bun, these fibrous fruit skins are nearly indistinguishable from pulled pork. (Source: popular science)

ash man

The genetic composition of the ancient Pompeian finally revealed

For the first time, scientists have completely sequenced the complete DNA of a Pompeian man, who died in 79 CE following the eruption of Vesuvius. It appears the 5ft 4in adult man, found in his dining room, suffered from spinal tuberculosis and was likely descended from Neolithic ancestors in Asia Minor. “The victims of Pompeii lived through a natural disaster…and we didn’t know we could preserve their genetic material. This study provides that confirmation,” said Serena Viva, one of the study’s co-authors. In fact, the way the people of Pompeii died may have made their DNA more recoverable.(Source: Smithsonian)

The insult to the insult

Real Madrid beat Liverpool in final after pre-match chaos

After a 35-minute entry delay at the Stade de France in Paris on Saturday night, Champions League final football fans received a pre-match shock when French police fired tear gas at the crowd. UEFA and French officials blamed “fake tickets”, leading to a pileup at the turnstiles, which prompted dozens of frustrated fans to attempt to scale the stadium gates. Liverpool called for an investigation and British police deployed at the game said the “fans’ behavior…was exemplary in shocking circumstances”. Real Madrid won 1-0, snatching the title from Liverpool for the second time in five years. (Source: The world, BBC)

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