Ukrainian military leaders say forces don’t stand a chance against Russia without Western help


The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service said the country did not have “sufficient military resources” to repel a large-scale attack by Russia without Western help.

General Kyrylo Budanov told the New York Times that “unfortunately Ukraine has to be objective at this point. There are not enough military resources to repel a full scale attack by Russia if it starts without support. Western forces “.

Budanov detailed what a potential Russian invasion could look like, saying it would likely start with airstrikes and rocket attacks on ammunition dumps and troops in the trenches.

He said the Ukrainian army would be neutralized “quickly” as military leaders were unable to coordinate defense and supply the front lines. After that, he told The Times, the onus would fall on the frontline commanders to continue the fight on their own.

President BidenJoe BidenPharma lobby targets parliamentarian Demand for American workers reaches historic high Biden awards Medal of Honor to three soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan: report MORE told reporters on Wednesday that the United States was not considering sending troops to Ukraine amid mounting tensions on its border with Russia.

“It’s not on the table,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies if they were to attack under Article 5, it is a sacred obligation. This obligation does not extend to … Ukraine. “

Russia has assembled 120,000 troops near its border with Ukraine, raising fears of an attack similar to the 2014 invasion that led to the capture of Crimea by Moscow.

According to an assessment from Ukrainian security sources, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told CNN that “combat equipment and other military equipment, such as tanks, armed vehicles and ‘Iskander’ missiles remain near the Ukrainian border “, following numerous Russian military exercises.

“The most likely time to prepare for the escalation will be the end of January,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said, according to the BBC.


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