Ukrainian military commander asks Elon Musk for help; said ‘It is impossible to survive’


As the deadly war in Eastern Europe entered its 82nd day, with Russian troops failing to achieve their pre-determined objectives and Ukrainian troops putting up fierce resistance to invading Russian forces, Ukrainian military commander Serhiy Volyna has now contacted the billionaire and CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk, seeking help to rescue him and the other Defenders who are trapped inside the besieged Azovstal-style steelworks in Mariupol.

This came as Elon Musk recently stepped in to expand his -Starlink satellite communications services to Ukraine, while on the other hand Ukrainian forces pledged to continue fighting against Russian forces in steelworks in the war-affected region.

Tweeting in English, the Ukrainian commander said: “Elon Musk, people say you come from another planet to teach people to believe in the impossible. Our planets are side by side, because I live where it is almost impossible to survive. Help us. get out of Azovstal to a mediating country. If not you, then who? Give me a hint.

While Volyna’s remarks drew an overwhelming response on Twitter, several people also took to the comments section to contact Tesla’s CEO, pleading for help in rescuing the Ukrainian heroes trapped in the steel mill. Many also praised the soldiers who survive and make it out of the ongoing fighting against Russian forces.

It is relevant to mention here that this is not the first time that the military commander asks for help on behalf of all Ukrainian combat soldiers. Earlier, he posted a video on his social media accounts calling on all world leaders to help them get out of the beleaguered city. In the video, where he can be seen worrying about the situation, Volyna said: “This is our call to the world. This could be the last call of our lives. We are probably facing our last days. , even in our time.”

On the other hand, Elon Musk’s Starlink project, which aims to provide affordable access to high-speed Internet connection across the world, had confirmed shortly after the start of the invasion that its services would remain active in Ukraine and provide more terminals in the country. .

Russian attack intensifies in Mariupol

Meanwhile, Russian forces continued their assault on the beleaguered port city of Mariupol, risking the lives of people stranded in the city. In the latest update, Ukraine claimed that the occupiers had deployed incendiary or phosphorus bombs against the defenders of Mariupol on May 14, further stating that they would leave the conclusion on this situation to specialists. It was stated that Russian forces used 9M22C incendiary shells with thermite layers.

Image: AP/ANI


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