Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukraine LLC (Kiev) changed its name to Seeton Group LLC, renamed and begins to operate in the Eastern European and Caucasian markets.
According to a message from the Ukrainian systems integrator, released on Thursday, the company will focus on priority sectors where the IT component is most in demand: telecommunications and banking, industry, energy, agro, retail – and will strengthen cooperation with the public sector. .
The new strategy envisages both the intensification of activities in Ukraine and the expansion of the presence in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
Earlier in the same year, Sitronics changed ownership, in which it revised its development strategy and lines of business. Also, a full-fledged rebranding was carried out, during which the company changed its name to Seeton, changed its visual style and revised its philosophy: mission, values ​​and working principles.
Expanding its technological activities in systems integration, Seeton is developing IT consulting. The company is actively working in the field of information security, business intelligence, servers, data storage systems and directly in consulting, helping companies and organizations, on the basis of analysis and forecasting, holistic problem solving and planning for the implementation of IT projects.
“Now we are entering the international market and will be able to apply the experience of working in Ukraine to other countries which are also on the path of digitization,” said Bohdan Khoroschak, director of Seeton, as quoted by the press service. .
At the same time, it should be noted that over the next few years, Seeton intends to invest in the development of employee skills, enlargement of the team and intensive training of specialists on existing products. and new.
The second area of ​​investment is business development abroad. Seeton has already opened a representative office in Azerbaijan, where it is carrying out new projects with its first clients, and plans to expand further in the Caspian region and in neighboring countries of Ukraine.
As reported, in October 2020, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine authorized relatives of NEQSOL Holding owner Nasib Hasanov, who is a 100% beneficiary of the second Ukrainian mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine, to acquire 100% of Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukraine LLC .
Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukraine provides services in the Ukrainian market for technological solutions, structured cabling systems, networks and IT optimization expertise.



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