Ukrainian government visits Salisbury Plain for talks with Ministry of Defense


Members of the Ukrainian government visited Salisbury Plain yesterday for talks, the Ministry of Defense confirmed.

Yesterday (Thursday 7 April), a Ukrainian government delegation met with the Ministry of Defense at the Salisbury Plain training area.

Demonstrations took place on British equipment, followed by discussions on how the UK can provide aid to Ukraine and its equipment needs as it continues to defend against Russia.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Havrylov and senior Ukrainian military officers, visiting the UK on behalf of President Zelenskyy, took part in the talks.

They met MP Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defense Procurement, and MP James Heappey, Minister for the Armed Forces.

The tour included demonstrations of a range of equipment from the British Army’s 3rd Division and the Royal Marines.

Equipment included defensive missile systems and protected mobility vehicles.

The event also discussed new weapons that have recently been tested with British forces.

The Ministry of Defense said the Ukrainian delegation observed the Starstreak air defense system, which the UK has previously supplied and trained the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use to defend their airspace against Russian aggression.

Government Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said: “Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to wage a tenacious fight against the illegal and unprovoked invasion by Putin’s forces. We are proud that they do this with weapons supplied from and through the UK.

“But the Ukrainian job is far from done and the Prime Minister has ordered the UK to provide even more support for this next phase of the conflict. It was an honor to show Minister Havrylov and his generals the kit the UK hopes to supply next and to discuss new weapons that have recently been tested with British forces.

Defense Supply Minister Jeremy Quin said: “The UK has made clear its support for the defense of Ukraine against Russian invasion.

“We are exploring options for future military support, including working with the UK defense industry and our longer-term Ukrainian counterparts to ensure the equipment provided continues to be both effective and sustainable for their armed forces. heroic.”

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