Ukrainian government uses bizarre soundtracks for videos of its troops destroying Russian tanks and vehicles


Ukraine’s government uploaded a video on Friday showing its troops destroying Russian tanks and vehicles, with a techno soundtrack playing in the background in the latest attempt to boost the country’s morale and which could also help dehumanize Russian troops. they try to push back.

The minute-long video posted on the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff Facebook page shows Russian tanks hit by Ukrainian strikes, before catching fire.

Meanwhile, Crazy Frog, a Swedish animated character and musician, plays in the background of the video.

“The invaders continue to die in an inglorious and pointless war. Together we will win! The Ukrainian military wrote in a caption on its Facebook page.

It was not immediately clear when the strike took place, and Insider was unable to identify the exact location of the strike.

Russia has so far refused to acknowledge exactly how many soldiers were killed in President Vladimir Putin’s two-month war. Ukraine said it killed 20,000 troops, although Western officials put the number at more than 15,000.

Ukraine has previously released propaganda videos of attacks on Russian forces, set to different music. The music in these videos has the effect of normalizing attacks that kill Russian soldiers without showing their burned or torn bodies; attacks like these on a Russian tank will kill the three crew members inside, for example.

In March, he released aerial footage of what he claimed was an artillery barrage by Russian forces on AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

Ukraine also released a video earlier this month showing scenes of dead civilians and destruction across the country, set to soothing music in the background in an attempt to convince the European Union to avoid buying Russian gas.

Translations by Oleksandr Vynogradov.


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