Ukrainian government building and city center bombed in viral footage, 10 people killed


The Ukrainian government building in Kharkiv bombed on March 1

While the crisis in Ukraine may seem distant to Singapore residents, images circulating online have made it clear to us just how devastating the conflict has been.

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Tuesday (March 1), horrible CCTV footageshowing the exact moment a building in downtown Kharkiv was bombed began making rounds online.

A total of 3 buildings were hit in the city center, leaving at least 10 dead and 35 injured.

The Ukrainian government building in Kharkiv bombarded by a missile

At the start of the clip, things looked rather ordinary outside the Kharkiv administration building, with cars driving by at a leisurely pace.


However, about 3 seconds into the clip, a missile struck directly outside the government building, causing a huge fireball and a cloud of smoke.


Some of the cars driving earlier stopped or crawled to safety.

Judging by the timestamp, the attack appears to have taken place on Tuesday (March 1) around 8:02 a.m., which would have been 2:02 p.m. Singapore time.

10 killed and 35 injured in an attack

According to the BBC, 2 other buildings were also affected in the city center: an opera house and a concert hall.

Footage of the aftermath reportedly showed buildings with their windows blown out and wreckage strewn across the streets.


The government building which had a golden facade seemed to have lost its glow after the bombardment.

Paramedics were at the scene, moving rubble from the hallways of the building and carrying stretchers outside.


Citing Ukrainian authorities, the BBC reported that at least 10 people were killed and 35 others injured.

Reminder of the reasons why armed conflicts must be avoided

Daily images of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine constantly remind us how devastating armed conflict is and why we must avoid it at all costs.

Our condolences go out to the families of those who lost their lives in this terrible attack.

We hope that the talks between the two parties will soon bear fruit and that a ceasefire will eventually ensue.

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Featured image adapted from The Kyiv Independent and The best of Ukraine on Twitter.


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