Ukrainian government approves deal with UK for purchase of warships and naval equipment – KyivPost


The Ukrainian government has approved a draft agreement with the United Kingdom on obtaining a loan of one billion dollars to strengthen the national navy.

In preparation since the end of 2020, the agreement provides for a loan of 1.25 billion pounds ($ 1.6 billion) over 10 years to Kiev for the purchase from Great Britain of a number of ships of war, new and used, as well as anti-ship missiles and naval base equipment.

The government decree was signed by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on October 28.

The vast effort entitled Ukraine’s Naval Capabilities Enhancement Program (UNCEP) was launched in October 2020. Following a number of memoranda signed by the two governments, the UK is ready to build two new Protector P-5oU missile launchers for the Ukrainian Navy. Six other ships of the class can be built in Ukraine.

The 50-meter, 500-ton warships are each expected to carry small and medium caliber artillery ammunition, eight anti-ship missiles and an air defense system. According to the British defense attaché in Kiev, production will begin in early 2022.

British company Babcock has won a contract and is expected to manufacture the ships in the town of Rosyth in Scotland.

Previously, it had been reported that the company was going to produce Barzan-class patrol boats designed by Vosper Thorneycroft. According to subsequent reports, Bobcat deemed the project unsuitable for the Ukrainian Navy, allegedly due to the ship’s problematic aluminum frame.

As part of the Ukrainian-British maritime defense agreement, the Royal Navy is preparing to supply Ukraine with two minesweeping vessels: HMS Ramsey and HMS Blyth. Decommissioned ships with almost 20 years of service will be repaired and modernized before being transferred to Ukraine.

At the end of October, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also confirmed its discussions with the United Kingdom regarding a possible sale of Brimstone Sea Spear missiles designed by MBDA UK. be completed by 2024.

The two countries are also said to be in talks about British participation in Ukraine’s efforts to build a number of naval frigates.

According to a June report from the Ukrainian Military Portal, a Kiev-based defense news site, Babcock could help resurrect the Volodymyr Velykiy construction, a problematic corvette building project, of which only 30 percent has since been completed. 2011 due to lack of funding. Defense News, the US-based military newspaper, reported in June that Babcock may supply Ukraine with an all-new Inspiration-class (Type 31) frigate, which is expected to enter service with the Royal Navy in the coming years. . The company declined to comment on its Ukraine frigate project, according to Defense News.

The UK in 2019-2020 joined an effort to help Ukraine resurrect naval might against increasingly aggressive Russia in the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov. With the occupation of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine lost almost 80% of its naval capabilities and infrastructure, including ships, bases and naval aviation.

Since then, Ukraine has decided to develop a mosquito fleet by building a handful of gunboats and obtaining second-hand patrol boats from the United States. In addition to upcoming British supplies, the United States has provided Ukraine with two used Island-class patrol boats (and three more to come) and the approved sale of up to 16 new Mark VI vessels.

Turkey started production of an Ada-class corvette in 2021 under contract with Kiev. The new ship is expected to be completed in 2022.


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