Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19

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The Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19 is impressive: if we were talking about the keyword of the season, I would say “responsibility.” Responsible clothing and responsible use of clothing devoted to several projects Responsibility for the authority of the country and for the quality of the “product” being exported is devoted to the Forum of creative industries Responsibility for the development of the Ukrainian fashion industry as a whole is devoted to the 43rd and all previous seasons they are Ukrainian Fashion Week ” – Irina Danilevska, organizer of the Ukrainian Fashion Week .

A new philosophy of true connoisseurs of modern fashion.

The bigger our wardrobe, the less chance of clear water, clean air, dense forests of our descendants.

Fashion industry is among the most dynamically growing in the world. For comparison, only one global brand-name brand produces about 600 million pieces of clothing per year. Just imagine: for the production of 1 pair of jeans goes up to 10 thousand liters of water. For two years on the color of jeans is the volume of water, equal to the volume of the Mediterranean Sea. And this is not to mention the pesticides that are used on cotton plantations.

The way out of this catastrophic situation for humanity is sustainable fashion – a new philosophy of true connoisseurs of modern fashion.

Sustainable fashion includes several aspects: environmental clothing, vintage, clothing, rescaling and apiculture, ethical production, high quality and out-of-date design.

Designer clothes can be the responsible choice of many, because it is exactly the above-mentioned characteristics. 10 dresses of fast fashion will not replace one designer – high-quality, unique, which for years does not lose its relevance.

Today, many Ukrainian designers are experimenting with recycled materials. And, of course, designer things will serve us more than one season, and in a decade will become desirable vintage things.

The initiatives of the Ukrainian Fashion Week to promote sustainable fashion ideas are supported both by Ukrainian designers and UFW partners.
DHL Express Ukraine in the new season, in addition to the commercial component of effective e-commerce solutions in the fashion industry, has joined the promotion of the “sustainability” trend in Ukraine. DHL Ukraine and Ukrainian Fashion Week will hold a Roundtable on Sustainable fashion – Definition and Challenges, Trends and Challenges, Roles and Responsibility – will be another step towards raising awareness and shaping a new fashion philosophy in Ukraine.

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The Fashion Tech Ukraine platform this season will focus on conscious consumption in fashion and ways to solve problems triggered by fast fashion, with innovative technology solutions.

September 1-5, in the Mystetskyi Arsenal, demonstone Fashion Tech Ukraine will feature upcicling-things of Ukrainian brands. Designer Marina Loseva will present her own art project Shape of Living, designed to attract attention to the search and creation of new forms and ways of human existence. The author created for his installation clothes from used jeans, but as a prototype for the decoration, he recreated a picture of the Dnieper, which was taken from space. Fashion Tech Ukraine will have an exhibition and lecture space.

This season, the MODOZA.COM online retailer supports the Fashion Tech Ukraine platform and presents a unique image creation service, which is another example of using artificial intelligence in the fashion industry. The service demonstrates how new technologies change our lives and promote conscious consumption, helping to make an unmistakable choice when shopping online.

All events can be visited free of charge by registering on the site and receiving an e-invitation.


The main mission of the Ukrainian Fashion Week is the development of Ukrainian fashion and promotion of Ukrainian fashion and culture in the world.

Every season UFW expands its cooperation with the international professional environment to create new opportunities for designers and promote Ukrainian fashion brands in the world fashion industry.

Organizing Committee Weekly Fashion Weekly invites journalists and photographers from leading world editions, buyers and representatives of leading showrooms to Kyiv to work directly with UFW designers. (USA), Vogue Italia (IT), Pairs Project (FR), (FR), Vogue UK (UK), Vogue Ru (Ru) will also be present at the shows on the collections of Ukrainian designers this season. Tomorrow Ltd., Nana Suzuki, Concrete Showroom, Browns bayers and Harvey Nichols Dubai will take guests to the striptease photographer – Adam Katz Sinding, Style Du Monde and


Ukrainian Fashion Week continues the Fashion DNA-Ukraine program of support and development for young designers of Ukraine with the British Council. This year Fashion DNA-Ukraine focuses on the features of brand promotion in digital space and focuses on the financial aspects of e-commerce.

Within the new season Ukrainian Fashion Week in the Art Arsenal will be presented the final creative part of the project.

Mentor of the creative part of the project was British djigital-art director, Jon Emmony, whose portfolios work for Kanye West, Victoria Albert Museum, Nike and others.

The representative of the Farfetch retail platform and British consultants selected eight Ukrainian brands – Kir Khartley, Elenareva, The Coat by Katya Silchenko, Jean Gritsfeldt, FROLOV, Roussin, Gasanova, Marsala – to participate in the project. The designers together with the creative team Seentax Services, which includes art-director – Lyubov Kucheryava and Vlad Dmitriev, the photographer – Misha Bochkarev, the sound design – Sasha Zlih, Danilo Senichkin, 3D modeling – Volodymyr Kozlov, curator – Ira Lupu, have created an interactive site, in which deciduous sculptures help to uncover the designer’s world and the mood of the collection.


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This season, Ukrainian Fashion Week became the initiator and organizer of the Forum “Prospects of branding Ukraine NOW in projects of creative industries”. The project is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

For the past 21 years, UFW has become a flagship ground for collaborations between the various creative industries. Designers of clothes and interiors, photographers, cinematographers, artists, musicians, stylists, journalists, poets, performers, restaurateurs are united in various projects under the auspices of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

“Due to the constant presence of influential insiders and journalists from abroad and the active participation of domestic fluids, the Ukrainian Fashion Week considers it important to unite the efforts of all industries to create a joint effective strategy in promoting and promotion of a positive image of our country “, – says the initiator of the Forum, the general producer of UFW Volodymyr Nechiporuk.

The forum will help to demonstrate the variability of branding Ukraine NOW in a variety of projects and become a platform for discussion with leaders of creative industries branding prospects in projects implemented in Ukraine and abroad.

Representatives of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, film industry, fashion industry, curators of art projects, media, representatives of other creative industries are invited to participate.

#HEFORSHE + UFW: gender equality in the fashion

Creative industries are among the first to respond to the challenges of society, to the actual problems of equal opportunities for all people. The fashion industry has become a hub for human rights, in particular for gender equality.

HeForShe Global Solidarity Movement together with Ukrainian Fashion Week presents a project within which representatives of the Ukrainian fashion industry will join the human rights dialogue to declare that each of us can and should have the right to look as it wants; that we are not obliged to adjust our appearance to the expectations of society or the opposite sex.

Designers and designers in collaboration with artists and artists have created insults inspired by the HeForShe movement, the theme of gender equality, human rights and freedom of choice. Famous fashion brands from Ukraine: BEVZA, Lake Studio, LITKOVSKAYA, FROLOV and ARTEMKLIMCHUK, as well as well-known artists and illustrators: Vova Vorot’yev, Anatoliy Belov, Maria Gavrilyuk, Maria Ralemskaya and Masha Shubina participated in the project.

5 images will be presented on the first day of the Ukrainian Fashion Week. Guests of the Fashion Week will be able to see the result of the cooperation of the participants and participants of the project in a special corner of HeForShe in the Art Arsenal on September 1-5.


Within five days during the Ukrainian Fashion Week, the Mystetskyi Arsenal will feature a showroom representing 12 brands of clothing, footwear and accessories: LONA PRIST, HONCHARENKO, CIRCUL, SNESHANA NEKH, UK DESIGN, IRARO, NIT.KA and others.

Space #Showroom will have its own unique concept, developed by architect Katerina Rosit. Traditionally, #Showroom has been implemented in partnership with the Domus Design magazine. This is a Ukrainian magazine with more than 15 years of history, whose mission is to develop Ukrainian design in all areas. #Showroom will have several zones: lounge area, scene where brand presentations will take place, special space for LUXORPTICS, a national optic network that develops its own glasses brands – Casta, Luxoptica, Sanderson.

For attending all #Showroom events, guests can register at and receive an email invitation that will give them the opportunity to come to #Showroom free of charge from September 1 to September 5.


Ukrainian Fashion Week has always supported young talents and created the conditions for their development. For several years now, UFW has united shows of young designers and projects related to their work in an independent platform – the New Generation Day. This season the platform will present young designer brands on September 5 in the Art Arsenal.

This day will open the project EPSON DIGITAL FASHION – an international format that will be held in Ukraine for the second time. The show on the main Ukrainian Fashion Week podium will feature 8 finalists of the competition, which will show author’s prints and collections of printed fabrics. Immediately after the show, the Award Ceremony will take place – 3 professional prizes from Epson, the publication of collections on the leading portal and training one of the winners of the course on the Italian Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). This is how Epson Digital Fashion Show guests and professionals see it.

The New Names project will present three designers this season, who will showcase their collections on a large podium for the first time.

Ukrainian fashion space is an integral part of the world’s fashion with its global trends – as evidenced by the tangible number of collaborations between young Ukrainian designers and reputable world brands. Within the framework of the New Generation Day brand BRAUN will present a collaboration with one of the winners of the National Contest “A Look into the Future” by designer Anna Sytnikova.

With an active corporate and social position, DHL supports young designers in their quest for a new responsible fashion. With the assistance of DHL Express Ukraine, the winner of the Second View to the Future Award 2018 Julia Katsalap will present a capsule collection created under the zero waste policy within 5 days in the DHL Express Ukraine space in the Art Arsenal.

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