Ukrainian army to participate in 26 multinational exercises in 2022


In 2022, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will participate in 26 multinational exercises, both in Ukraine and beyond.

This is according to Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar, reports Ukrinform.

“In 2022, we plan to organize 10 multinational exercises on the territory of Ukraine and are expected to involve around 21,500 Ukrainian forces and around 11,000 foreign participants,” Maliar wrote on Facebook.

In addition, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will participate in 16 multinational exercises outside Ukraine, the senior official added.

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According to the deputy minister, participation in such exercises aims to achieve better interoperability between the armed forces of Ukraine and those of NATO member states, and to develop modern approaches to the use of troops.

In addition, she stressed, the actions of the different forces are coordinated, the knowledge and skills acquired are tested and the experience shared.

“Ultimately, this is a powerful display of solidarity and readiness for joint action and defense capabilities,” said Maliar.

It is intended to cover the costs related to the preparation and conduct of multinational exercises in the territory of Ukraine and beyond as part of the defense allocations approved for 2022, the official concluded.

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