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This year the number of conscripts has been reduced as the army has been fully staffed.

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Ultimately, a system should be built in Ukraine so that every citizen is able, if necessary, to engage in the defense of his country – and that is when the government can completely abandon compulsory conscription as such.

This is according to Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, who spoke on the Ukrainian television channel, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“Does the military plan to abandon the project altogether – you know, we have that vision for the future. But it can only be when we have a reserve training system. then we have such a system that would ensure that anyone could be ready to defend their home, ”Khomchak said.

Citizens must learn to provide first aid to themselves and those around them, which should help save lives, added the commander-in-chief.

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“Such systems require funding, staff training – to cover both ordinary civilians, community leaders and senior government officials. Once such a system is in place, we can talk about abolishing conscription because it will no longer be necessary, ”Khomchak said.

He added that this year the number of conscripts has been reduced as the army is fully staffed and the military is already raising the issue of not recruiting soldiers, but moving to a new level of quality: ” We understand that when there is quality there will be a completely different approach to the conduct of combat missions and routine work, as well as being in the military. “

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