Ukrainian army readiness and sea storm interfere with Russian assault on Odessa from the sea


Enemy warships do not approach the coast of Odessa because they know that the coastal defense units of the armed forces are ready to repel attacks, as well as due to stormy weather in the northwestern part of the black Sea.

Therefore, the only likely risk is missile attacks from temporarily occupied Crimea, military official Vladyslav said. Nazarovreports Ukrinform.

“The invaders continue to look for ways to improve their position in the direction of Mykolaiv, but our troops stop with arms the insidious attempts of pathetic attacks, leaving no chance for the enemy… Stormy weather on the Black Sea with an expected deterioration makes unfavorable assault landing conditions,” he noted.

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However, according to the military official, the threat of missile attacks from the sea and temporarily occupied Crimea remains in place.

Colonel Nazarov noted that the Russians are not respecting the standards of international humanitarian law and continue to use civilians in southern Ukraine as human shields, as well as placing equipment in backyards and occupying brazenly households. Additionally, they resort to the practice of changing into civilian clothes to disguise their affiliation with the disgraced military.

On February 24, Russia began a new phase of the war against Ukraine, bombing and heavily shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities. The entire nation rose up to fight the invaders.


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