Ukrainian army hits the jackpot and seizes Russia’s most modern equipment


It was only recently that Ukrainian troops hit the jackpot by capturing a “powerful Russian EW system“, and now the Ukrainian forces have hit another major jackpot.

According to the UAWeapons Twitter account which is dedicated to posting constant weapons updates, Ukrainian troops have captured a 9S935 MANPADS sniper target tracking set, which is part of a command and control system “Barnaul -T” used for electronic warfare. .

As Russia appears to be withdrawing from the Ukrainian capital of kyiv, it is leaving behind military equipment, as Ukrainian forces only recently captured a Russian command post in Barnaul-T which is now used by the Ukrainian troops for their defense. The Barnaul-T system has been operational for over 10 years and can be linked to surface-to-air missile systems to provide timely target designations.

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Since the US and Ukraine are allies, they share at least some degree of military data under the Formal Material Exploitation (FME) program, which means US intelligence likely receives the data. captured Russian military equipment which will then be used to create countermeasures.

Jak Connor

Jak Connor

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