Ukrainian army commander: Russian mercenaries bombing civilians cannot be called military


The invaders understand the “Ukrainian language of arms” very well.

Photo by UNIAN

The Commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces, Serhiy Nayev, said that Russian mercenaries who bombard and kill civilians in Donbass in Ukraine cannot be called “military”.

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“And on my own behalf, as an officer, I would like to add that those Russian soldiers who secretly dressed in the uniform worn by the mercenaries of the 1st and 2nd army corps of the Russian occupation forces and have started shooting at civilian settlements – women, children, the elderly – they do not have the right to be called military, “Nayev said in an interview with the parliament bulletin Holos Ukrainy.

“Because to be a soldier is to be a man of honor, to have conscience, courage. To be ready to defend your country until the last breath and not to seize someone’s peaceful land Otherwise, he’s not a soldier, but a looter, a criminal, “he said.

Nayev adds that Ukrainian soldiers are responding to enemy attacks and retaliating.

“A ‘conversation in the language of Ukrainian guns’ with Russian fighters who are directly involved in the Russian aggression against Ukraine takes place every day. They understand this ‘language’ very well,” he added.


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