Ukraine’s military strategy calls for replacement of conscription with service in army reserves


The Ukrainian military strategy that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy adopted on March 25 provides for the replacement of conscription by service in the reserves.

This is stated in Presidential Decree No. 121 of March 25, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Legislative regulation of the transition of the Ukrainian armed forces and other components of the defense forces to a professional base with replacement of compulsory military service by compulsory service in military reserves”, the section of the document entitled “Objectives, priorities and tasks of the implementation of the State policy in the military field, the field of defense and military development “.

The decree also provides for the creation of motivators for service in military reserves and participation in territorial defense, increasing the effectiveness of reservist and conscript training, and the creation of a powerful military reserve. .

In addition, it provides for the creation of an effective system for recruiting and staffing the defense forces with professional, trained and motivated personnel, improving mobilization training, taking into account militarily trained human resources, preparation for military service and military-patriotic education of youth and introduction of training of citizens for the comprehensive defense of Ukraine.

As the Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, Zelenskyy endorsed Ukraine’s military security strategy.

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