Ukraine military chief calls for airspace closure as Russian planes wreak havoc in Donetsk


As the Russian-Ukrainian war entered its 76th day with no signs of a cessation in sight, Republic reported from the northern part of Donetsk on Tuesday. Although Donetsk was occupied by Russia, the Ukrainian army informed that its soldiers still held the front line. In addition, the army informed that the city is currently under continuous bombardment by attacking Russian troops.

The Republic reported on Tuesday that it was just 6 km from the occupied city of Donetsk, which faced continuous shelling from Russian forces. Addressing exclusively to the Republic, the head of the Avdiivka military administration, Vitaliy Barabash, said that Ukrainian soldiers were still holding out on the front line. Furthermore, he said it was important for the country to close its airspace to avoid further aerial bombardments.

“The situation is difficult. We are 6 km from Donetsk. The soldiers still hold the front line. But we have to close the skies to avoid shelling,” Avdiivka military administration chief Vitaliy Barabash told Republic, speaking about the war situation in the region.

Speaking of the need to defend the frontline, he said, “We are fighting for our land. Even people from Western Europe know that Russia will not stop at Ukraine and will go to Europe. So you must protect the earth, there is no other way. Barabash added that several thousand people were coming to the city for humanitarian purposes. “I cannot name the exact number of people who come for humanitarian purposes for security reasons, but around several thousand come every day,” he said.

The last 75 days were only the active phase of the war, according to the Ukrainian military chief

Furthermore, the military leader added that the war has been going on for a long time. He added that a definitive end to the war is not yet in sight. “The war has now been going on for eight years, 75 days is only the active phase of the war,” he said. Barabash claimed that Russian troops were targeting the town of Avdiivka as they did in Mariupol. “The Russian army is doing the same thing in Avdiivka, what they did in Mariupol. They want to surround the city and destroy it,” the military leader told Republic. Ukraine’s military had earlier said that Moscow was currently focused on destroying infrastructure in eastern and southern Ukraine as it continued its aerial bombardment of cities.


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