Top – 10. Unique ancient religious monuments (20 photos)


Regardless of whether you are a religious person or not, it’s worth recognizing that religion has been with us for a very long time.

Many of the most monumental structures created by man had religious functions. Some of them can be seen today. Often these are ruins, but sometimes quite well preserved buildings, despite the fact that civilizations, those who created them, have long disappeared.

Below we present the ten most important ancient religious objects. Leave your comments if you have something to add to this list.

Top 10 Ancient Religious Sights.

1. Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt.

The Karnak temple complex, often called simply Karnak, includes a huge combination of destroyed temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings and structures. In particular, the Great Temple of Amon and the massive statues of Pharaoh Ramses II. The complex dates back to the 14th century BC. It is located in the province of Luxor, about 500 km south of Cairo.

2. Callanish Stones, Scotland.

It is a sanctuary, an ancient cult place in Scotland. The place is less known than Stonehenge and Aivbray, but no less interesting. Callanish represents 13 vertically standing groups of stones, the first of which is set about 3000 years BC. .. Located on the island of Lewis in the outer Hebrides archipelago.

3. Zikkurat of Ur, Iraq.

A huge stepped three-story pyramid, erected in the 21st century BC The temple complex is located in the city of Uri, built by the kings of Ur-Nammu and Shulga in honor of the moon god Nunn. The Sikkurat in Uri is the most preserved temple complex of the Ancient Mesopotamia, unfortunately its upper part was destroyed.

4. Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

The abandoned city of Teotihuacan is located 50 km northeast of Mexico City. Age of the city more than 2000 years. Its main buildings are the pyramid of the moon and the pyramid of the sun. Walking along the Road of the Dead, passing through the entire city, it is easy to imagine great religious holidays, ritual ceremonies and bloody sacrifices that took place here.

5. Delphi , Greece.
Ancient Greek city, located on the southwestern slope of Mount Parnas in the valley of the Phocis. Is an archaeological reserve included in the UNESCO list. Externally, the ruins are not as majestic as the Teotihuakan pyramids, but at one time the city was the largest all-Greek religious center with the Temple and the oracle of Apollo.

6. Stupa Borobudur and a complex of Temples of Prambanan, Indonesia.

Built in 750-850 years and abandoned, due to the eruption of the Merapi volcano, the Buddhist temple complex for several centuries was under volcanic ash in thickets of the jungle until it was again opened and restored in the 19th century. The temple complex Prambanan is located next to the steppe Borobudur. These two religious sites are the site of mass tourism and pilgrimage in Indonesia.

7. Temple and Monastic Complex Ajanta Caves, India.

Temple cave complex Ajanta is located in the central part of India in the state of Maharashtra. It was built for several centuries, starting from the 2nd century. The temple is the 29 caves carved in the rock, which preserved wall paintings, sculptures and frescos, which are considered masterpieces of Buddhist and religious art of ancient India.

8. Pantheon, Rome, Italy.

One of the greatest architectural monuments of Ancient Rome. The temple was built in the second century during the reign of Emperor Adrian in place of the previous Pantheon made on the order of Marcus Agrippa. It is a building dedicated to all the gods. The Pantheon is the most well preserved building of all Roman buildings. It has been used throughout its history, in particular since the 7th century it is used as a Roman Catholic church.

9. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta.

The oldest underground temple in the world was accidentally discovered by builders in 1902. Originally the sanctuary and the place of the oracle, which attracted pilgrims to Malta from all over the Mediterranean. Then gradually turned into a necropolis. There are 34 underground premises, the beginning of which dates back to 4000 BC. is..

10. Temple complex Göbekli Tepe, Turkey.

Opened about 50 years ago, the temples of Gebekli-Tepe are the oldest religious buildings. It is one of the oldest megalithic buildings in the world, its age dates back to 9 millennia BC. For a long time the complex was hidden under the same hill. Columns and stones of the temples are decorated with carvings in the form of wild animals, birds and insects.


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