The Ukrainian president has called on NATO to send warships

Only Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to travel to the Crimea after the imposition of the Military Law that will apply until December 26

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The Ukrainian border service announced Thursday that only Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to travel to the Crimea after the imposition of the military law that will be in force until December 26th.

President Petros Poroshenko earlier accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of wanting to annex the whole of Ukraine and called on NATO to send warships in the sea shared by the two states.

“In connection with the imposition of the military law, the administrative borders with the Crimea under temporary occupation can only pass people with Ukrainian documents,” said a spokesman.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian sailors who have been arrested during a skirmish with Russian border guards on Sunday off the Crimea were transferred to a prison in Moscow, two lawyers today told the French Agency.

“They were transferred to Leforthovo Prison in Moscow,” said lawyer Jemie Temichev, who said he has this information from “lawyers in Lefortovo”, a famous prison in the Russian capital.

“The Ukrainian sailors were transported by airplane to Moscow” in the afternoon, “may have already landed,” said another lawyer, Emine Abamileva.

According to Jemil Temichev, he and other lawyers tried to see their clients at the detention center in Simferopol, the capital of the Crimea, but they were not allowed to enter it.

The two lawyers did not specify whether all sailors were transferred to Moscow, especially the three hospitalized in the small town of Kerts, near the point of conflict. The latter left the hospital, a source told TASS news agency at the hospital.

The Simferopol Court detained by January 25 the 24 sailors arrested in the conflict off the Crimea.

Ukraine called yesterday “barbarism” this “illegal” detention. Kiev considers these men to be “prisoners of war” and calls for their “immediate” release, according to a statement by the Ukrainian diplomacy.


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