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This is not just a gigantic city, where people come and come from. This is a whole separate world. Dark, mysterious, and sometimes creepy world of the dungeon. Not everyone knows his entrance. But those who they opened, often return, drawing energy here, as in places of power. They are looking for treasures and find silence, securely preserved from the bustle of modern life.

Red wax and green chalk, charcoal and graphite. On these walls a whole story is stuck, the oldest than the city of Odessa. Some of them are more than a hundred years old. These are the old recordings of the miners, and military messages, and obscure patterns of unknown authorship, and contemporary graffiti of local youth. The complete history of the Odessa catacombs has not yet been restored.

Private halls and galleries, long corridors and small hideouts. They served as a home for many, and for many, became a place of death. For a long time there was a ghost of smugglers and criminals hiding from power. Religious sects, gang members and simple homeless poor guys settled in Odessa for a long time. It is even known that during the war there were whole partisan detachments for a long time .

From the dungeon is a city on the earth

The Latin word “catacumba” means an underground labyrinth, which in ancient times served as a harbor for persecuted Christians. So they called the places where they held the ordinances of worship and in particular the burial of the dead. Catacombs have always been the most enigmatic, interesting and unexplored parts of the policy. The vast underground labyrinths of many modern cities now conceal the secrets of the fugitives, criminals, soldiers and simple adventurers. There are also some of the most interesting – the Odessa catacombs.

They formed due to the extraction of underground stones for the construction of the city. In particular, it was a shellfish. Odessa was built in the early nineteenth century. Almost all the Old Town was built from local material. He got his mining method, chaotic and almost blind. The stones were cut, like a tree, producing even bars.

That underground city turned out to be more than ground-level. Today, the length of the Odessa catacombs reaches for various data from 1.7 to 2, 5 thousand kilometers (!) , Reaching far beyond the boundaries of “Pearls by the Sea.” This city hides under one of the largest underground labyrinths on the globe . The most unexpected in the world underground “city”.

Findings of paleontologists

A huge complicated system of underground passages arose on the basis of former quarries. But not all these creepy dark labyrinths are created by a hard human hand. A small, but in fact, most interesting part of them is karst caves . When the stone rocks were washed out, the water formed fairly long and deep passages. About how ancient they are, say impressive local “treasures.” Here are the skeletons of the ancient animals that lived hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years ago. Remains of saber-toothed tigers, mastodons, rhinos, hyenas and fish. Animals fell into karst faults, as if trapped, staying there forever.

According to another version, the remnants of the beasts brought here the water of sudden huge flood rivers. According to reports from scientists who carried out excavations in the Odessa catacombs, the most discovered remains belonged to ancient camels. The most interesting thing is that the bones found were traces of cultivating a person . That is, somebody already used them as an instrument of labor. Scientists assume that these bones are significantly older than all the tools found by ancient people. So the finds of the Odessa catacombs are truly sensational.

Lost feeling of time or who is such a god Booth

Here you can easily get lost forever. Full darkness and lack of temperature changes take away a sense of time and space. Two or three wrong turns can lose the way back in dozens of creepy unexplored miles. Those who still dared to descend into the dungeon should be in good relationship with the god Booth , fearing for their safety. So in the Odessa catacombs, the spirit of the underground, which dominates here, is called. (From the Greek mythology Booth – the son of the god of winds Borea, who survived defamation and exile, he himself rushed to the well). In his underground kingdom, he can speak in female voices, or step by step, frightening guests. In fact, these sounds, as well as the noise of water and the feeling of light wind, are hallucinations, which are often told by those who got lost. People who were found for the second or third day, assured that they spent only two or three hours in the dark.

And Booth may be very angry if he takes with him things on the surface found in the catacombs. Is there anything you can offer in exchange. But what will you put in the place of a ship of pure gold?

Kerosene Lamps and Gold Titanic

Things found by people in the Odessa catacombs are an entire wealth. Banknotes of the royal period, papyrus boxes of the beginning of the last century, ancient magazines, pre-revolutionary kerosene lamps, utensils and weapons. Even the luxurious phaeton of 1929, in which even the upholstery of leather armchairs was preserved just perfectly.

What did not happen to local and foreign treasure hunters. But none of them still had the luck to find the main thing – a ship of pure gold, which was hidden in the dungeons of tens or hundreds of years ago.

The legend tells about the captain of Odessa, who before the war hid his wealth – a model of a ship made of precious metal. The sailor from the war did not return, but his cache remained an eternal mystery and still no one is found.

The main hero of another legend is also a sailor. He, they say, at one time took part in the rescue of the passengers “Titanic”. The model of the famous ship, made of gold, was given to him by grateful foreigners. Where the captain hid the treasure, you probably already guessed. They say that until now, many of those who heard these legends continue to seek the wealth of sailors.

Today, the Odessa catacombs live a full-fledged life. Every day a lot of tourists and simple seekers of extreme sports come down here. There are excursions and concerts, parties, celebrations of various holidays. A few years ago, very creative musicians even dared to organize a rock festival in the dungeon.

Tips for a Traveler:

One of the most popular routes to the Odessa catacombs begins in the village of Nerubayskaya, which is located near the regional center (aside from the route Kiev-Odessa). The tour of the dungeon lasts for several hours.

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