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Satellite images show new Russian deployments near Ukrainian border, US company says World News


Russia appears to have carried out new deployments on the ground of armored equipment and troops near the border with Ukraine, a private American company said on Sunday citing satellite images.

The director of US-based Maxar Technologies said the new activity indicated increased military readiness.

The company, which also released the footage, has been tracking the buildup of Russian forces for weeks.

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In a statement, Maxar said on Sunday, “This new activity represents a shift in the pattern of previously observed deployments of battle groups (tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery and support equipment).”

According to satellite images, numerous large battlegroup deployments have been seen around the military garrison in Soloti, Russia, since Feb. 13, Maxar said.

On Sunday, images showed most of Soloti’s combat units and support equipment were gone.

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Throughout the area, traces of vehicles and some convoys of armored equipment were observed, the company said.

Based on the tracks and snow, the activity appeared to be recent, Maxar News Bureau senior director Stephen Wood told Reuters.

“To me, that indicates an increased state of readiness,” Wood said.

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