Russia’s war against Ukraine (United Nations, Ukrainian government, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of May 17, 2022) – Ukraine

  • On May 16, 264 Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated from the Azovstal factory in Mariupol where more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers, including 600 wounded soldiers, are trapped in dire conditions. The evacuations were reportedly carried out following a ceasefire agreement reached between the two actors, although Ukraine has not confirmed this. 53 seriously injured soldiers were taken to a hospital in Novoazovsk while 211 soldiers in Olenivka; the two territories occupied by Russia. President Zelensky noted the continuation of negotiations by Ukraine to reach an agreement for the rest of the soldiers to return home.

  • UNICEF warns war in Russia could lead to ‘catastrophic levels’ of child malnutrition worldwide as rising food prices, among other factors, could leave up to 600,000 children without life-saving treatment .

  • Russia introduced residence permits in Kherson Oblast on May 16 to restrict the movement of citizens while blocking exit routes.

  • All communities in Kyiv Oblast have regained access to water, with only a few houses in Hostomel without water due to a lack of electricity.

  • The European Commission is also coordinating the provision of assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to Ukraine, from the 27 Member States and the two Participating States. More than 30,000 tonnes of aid from these countries and rescEU medical stock items were delivered to Ukraine via UCPM logistics hubs in Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

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