“Running in Vyshyvanka” – the main sporting event for the Independence Day of Ukraine – 112.ua

On August 24, 2018, more than 2 thousand racing fans will start on the Rusanivsky embankment in Kiev in the fifth anniversary, “Run in embroidery”

This year the main adult distances will be 5 and 10 kilometers, for children – 100 meters. In addition, the event involves a charity run of 1 kilometer long. Organizers will purchase sportswear for boarding schools for funds collected during the run.

“Running in Embroidery” is a bright patriotic and family holiday, a holiday of unity, when Ukrainians gather together and all together, dressed in embroidered clothes, take part in a mass rally, symbolizing the will and independence of our country and the nation. The author of the idea is Alexander Kuzin, the master of sports of the international class in athletics, the best marathon of Europe in 2007. In 2014, the event brought together 400 racing lovers who crossed 5 km on the territory of the National Exhibition Center “Expocenter of Ukraine”. In 2016 and 2017, the number of participants increased to 1,500 people, and the “Running of Vyshyvanka” moved to the Rusan embankment and received support from Ukrainian associations not only in the country but also abroad: from Rivne, New Kakhovka, Washington, New York, Dubai …

The purpose of the event is to spread patriotic mood among Ukrainians, attract people to regular physical education and sports, to develop mass sports in Kyiv and Ukraine, and to create a positive image of our country in the world.

The organizers will purchase sports clothes for the Complex Children and Youth Sport School № 1 of the Bakhmut City Council “(KDYUSSH №1). At the school, at 13 sports departments: athletics, volleyball, boxing, kickboxing, Football, basketball, table tennis, powerlifting, freestyle wrestling, judo, sumo, sambo, shooting more than 1200 children and adolescents of different ages. Among the star pupils of the KSYUSS bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games 2012 in London, the winners of numerous championships, European Cup world.

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