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Ukraine closer to the West

The Canadian Press – | History: 367063

Canada’s Minister of Defense joined senior military and defense leaders from 40 countries at Germany’s Ramstein Air Base to explore ways to maintain military aid to Ukraine.

The meeting was called by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Anand says Canada will not only continue to send weapons from the Canadian Armed Forces inventory, but is also preparing to enter into contracts with defense contractors to arm Ukraine.

For example, she says Canada is providing cameras for drones that are currently in combat use and will also send armored vehicles to Ukraine.

The longer Ukraine’s military fends off Russian invaders, the more it absorbs the benefits of Western weaponry and training – exactly the transformation President Vladimir Putin wanted to prevent by invading in the first place.

The list of arms smuggled into Ukraine is long and growing.

It includes new American battlefield aerial drones and the most modern American and Canadian artillery, anti-tank weapons from Norway and others, armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles from Britain and anti- Stinger aircraft from the United States, Denmark and other countries.

If Ukraine can hold off the Russians, its accumulated arsenal of Western weaponry could have a transformative effect in a country that, like other former Soviet republics, has relied primarily on Soviet-era weapons and equipment. .

But sustaining this military aid will not be easy. It is costly and, for some supplier countries, politically risky. It is also removed from Western stocks which will at some point need to be replenished.

After the meeting, Austin told a press conference in Ramstein that Germany had agreed to send 50 Cheetah anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine and that the meeting had served to unify Western efforts to help Ukraine “win today and grow stronger for tomorrow”.

He said participating nations had agreed to continue similar consultations through monthly meetings, either in person or virtually.

Austin added, “We must move at the speed of war.”


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