PayOp announces a partnership with the European virtual banking company PayDo


NEW YORK, November 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Two financial technology companies, PayOp and PayDo, have confirmed their collaboration in the financial services space. The business-to-business partnership will provide a unique payment acceptance and processing platform for businesses and individuals around the world.

The main objective of this cooperation is to improve payment instruments and increase their efficiency, thus contributing to the development of the international payment infrastructure.

PayOp users will be able to withdraw funds from their account to their PayDo wallet without delays or additional commissions. This collaboration has already proven to be beneficial for traders in all industries. They can now maintain a constant flow of funds without fear of setbacks or additional costs.

About PayOp

PayOp is an aggregator and processor of international payments. The company offers more than 450 payment methods (including Internet acquisition) for various online businesses. PayOp is available to customers in over 170 countries.

The company’s offices are located at Singapore, Canada, UK and Ukraine. PayOp is developed and managed solely with the help of its own software development team.

Services provided by PayOp:

  • The international payment gateway to accept funds;
  • Several withdrawal options, including mass withdrawals;
  • withdrawals in Europe, Canada, Asia and the Pacific region;
  • Acquisition of international cards (Visa and Mastercard) worldwide;
  • Acquisition of local maps;
  • Fraud prevention tools.

About PayDo

To pay is an international virtual bank and an official Visa / MasterCard payment facilitator. PayDo offers solutions for individuals and companies through its advanced payment platform, including the European IBAN for residents worldwide, an electronic wallet and PayDo Quick Checkout.

PayDo Quick Checkout is a unique feature designed to ensure a user-friendly payment experience and boost conversion. It allows merchants around the world to cash payments quickly and securely.

Services provided by PayDo:

  • All virtual banking features;
  • SEPA, TARGET2, SWIFT payments with individual bank details;
  • Merchant services via e-Wallet (PayDo Quick Checkout);
  • Multi-currency account.



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