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In a small Volyn settlement, Olika is a landmark of sacred architecture of the first half of the XVII century. The temple at one time was considered the most beautiful temple of all Volhynia and the most beautiful Baroque church in Poland. (At the time when the Poles land entered the Kingdom of Poland).

They say this building has its own special atmosphere. In the magnificently decorated walls can see the handwriting of the old Middle Ages. And do not necessarily be a connoisseur of architecture to feel the greatness of the art of this temple.

The historical Olika, mentioned already in the Epiphany chronicle , is known for its ancient architecture. And the fact that the 4th century was the patrimony of a noble Lithuanian species Radziwill . The great castle with the palace , powerful city fortifications from the still preserved gate and many shrines were built during the reign of Lithuanians. One of the most beautiful buildings was the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity , located near the fortress.

“Deus de tuis donis tibi offerimus”

In 1588, in its place was a wooden church. They say that Prince Stanislav Radziwill ordered to erect it in honor of his renunciation of Calvinism . It will take about 50 years, and the wooden church will turn into a stone stone church. Her “father” will be Albrecht Stanislav of the same kind Radziwill. The model of the future temple was taken by the Roman Il-Jaze. The Italians Benedetto Molly and Giovanni Malivern worked on the project.

They say that for the decoration of the exterior facade from Italy were carried as many as five types of marble. The building really was very beautiful. “DEUS DE TUIS DONIS TIBI OFFERIMUS” (“You give this gift to God”) says the Latin inscription that still meets the believers at the entrance to the temple. The structure is rectangular. Divided into columns by 5 parts with a vestibule.

Art sculpture, vintage watches and sculptures. In addition to the saints Wojciech, Peter, Paul and Stanislaus, there is even a statue of the Lord God (which is rare enough). Placed under a peculiar hierarchy, over the saints – the person in the papal dress, and the highest – the image of God. The author is a Lviv sculptor M. Ampeli, who also engaged in interior decoration of the temple.

12 apostles inside

The materials used in the interior are mostly marble and alabaster. Inside the church was generously decorated with works of sculptors and wood carvings. On the walls – the epitaph of the Radziwill and the Olicia canoniks . Now much of that has been lost. Sculptures of the apostles who survived – part of the twelve, which were originally. And there were beautiful artistic paintings on the walls. Some of them are currently stored in the Lviv Art Gallery.

Inside the premises is a crypt , where many members of the glorious Lithuanian family rested. Tombs have been saved very badly. The last of Radziwill in Olica was Prince Janusz, who, with the advent of the Red Army, was arrested and released only after the intervention of the Italian royal family.

At the church you can still see the old bell tower . Bells are no longer there. (They say they were buried in the ground for war by some of the locals). Arches with pylons in height of almost 16 meters are also decorated with stucco, with plant ornament.

At the church they taught logic, grammar and rhetoric

The church is called collegiate, because once collegiate acted there. (Then around the building even a wall of defense with a tower was erected). The Collegium was founded by Albrecht Stanislav Radziwill and Franciszek Zierski . Inside of the seventeenth century professors taught youth here for such sciences as logic, grammar, rhetoric. Every Sunday after dinner they read “Catechism”. Also, at the church of the Holy Trinity there was a theological seminary .

The church is very old and ruined. But the spirit of antiquity only gives him an unparalleled charm. Who knows, after the restoration that has already begun, that spirit will not disappear along with the cracks in the bodies of sculptures, will not get lost in the new bright colors … So hurry to see the beauty of this shrine, which still shows the images of a true old baroque.

For those who got to the road:

Volyn region, Kivertsi district, Olika settlement

N 50 ° 43.369 ‘, E 25 ° 48.511’

Tips for a Traveler:
In Olik you can go from Lutsk or from Rivne by bus. You can get less than an hour. The church will see in the center of the settlement. Service is often sent here, so you can see the memories from the inside.

author Nadia Pontyakhish specially for vsviti.com.ua

Picture of the XIX century photo: Yuriy Buriak The plan of the church Igor Bodnar” width=”420″ height=”309″ /> photo: Igor Bodnar photo: Igor Bodnar Sculptures on the facade photo: smgn.com.ua photo: smgn.com.ua photo: smgn.com.ua Bas-relief with footsteps from military bullets
photo: DIDO Within
photo: smgn.com.ua The vault of the central nave. photo: Promek photo: smgn.com.ua photo: smgn.com.ua photo: Kostia Semytskyi From the bell tower
photo: kotykS Bell tower

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