New batch of AFV BMP-2 delivered to Ukrainian army after major reconstruction


Zhytomyr Armored Vehicle Factory (AVF), a state-owned company incorporated within the defense industries conglomerate Ukroboronprom, completed the renovation and modernization of a batch of BMP-2 armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) and delivered the vehicles to the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to Defense Express, the vehicles underwent major repairs and received advanced capabilities, including new sighting and targeting devices, infrared LED headlights and a GPS navigator.

Other improvements include new tracks produced locally in Ukraine, in particular by Zhytomyr AVF.

“This is not the first time that we have used our own track assemblies. In the future, this would completely eliminate the need for our company to source track assemblies from private or international markets, ”said Oleksiy Zhukovets, CEO of Zhytomyr AVF.

As a reminder, Zhytomyr AVF, itself manufacturer of track assemblies, also sources these components on the national market. In recent years, the company has purchased a total of 80 track assemblies which it has purchased, in competitions, from Malyshev Factory (70 assemblies) and private NVP Aktiv Spets Prom (10 assemblies).

Zhytomyr AVF also purchases generous amounts of situational awareness devices. Thus, in February of this year, it entrusted Trimen-Ukraine with the supply of 60 BPK-2-42MBT thermal imaging sights / day with their associated accessories, intended for installation in BMP-2 armored combat vehicles.



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