Lukashenko comments on Ukraine’s military buildup near Belarusian borders


MINSK, Jan. 17 (BelTA) — Ukraine is stepping up its military presence near the Belarusian borders, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said as he heard a report on a plan for a joint military exercise by the Belarusian and Russian armies on Jan. 17, BelTA informed.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the situation on the southern borders of Belarus is worrying. “Ukraine is strengthening its military presence by deploying national guard forces made up of ‘radical nationalists’. It is more striking than NATO troops. All this happens near the state border of our country. They are supposedly going to fight against migrants. Migrants will never go there. They are not going to Ukraine, and we understand that. Ukrainians are leaving their own country and they are going to “protect themselves from migrants from Belarus”, quipped Alexander Lukashenko.

The special operation Polesye is taking place near the Belarusian borders, up to 10,000 soldiers have been deployed in the area near the border. “The dynamic is this: they are increasing their military presence near the southern borders of our country,” the president said.


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