Lincoln travel agency and brewery work together to help fleeing Ukrainians


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – With the war between Russia and Ukraine 5,000 miles away, businesses in the capital are still finding ways to help. A Lincoln travel agency and a brewery are working together to help Ukrainians flee their homes.

Executive Travel has launched a program called Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine. They are currently providing housing, food and basic necessities to displaced Ukrainians.

The program is in its fifth week and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Executive travel planned to cover the expenses of Ukrainian refugees in Poland for the month of April only. Now May and June are also covered.

“We raised over $250,000, can you imagine that in five weeks,” said Steve Glenn, Executive Travel.

Glenn just returned from a visit to the Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine program. He said they started with 50 hotel rooms, housing nearly 200 people. They also cover travel costs for volunteers who want to help.

“We kept getting support and we were sending people out there and they were coming back and telling their friends ‘it’s worth it, we’re making a difference,'” Glenn said.

Safe Harbor is not just the name of the program. Back in the capital, it’s the name of a new local beer.

“I was looking for a way to help in a tangible way with the Ukraine crisis and this was just a no-brainer and a perfect opportunity for us to be able to help,” said Craig Reier, Zipline.

Zipline Brewing Company launches Safe Harbor Pale Ale, $1 from every pint sold goes to war aid.

“What we originally thought was 30 days might be a bit longer,” Glenn said.

Glenn said something that surprised them about the program is that one in three people who have come to the hotel have some kind of medical condition. Now Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine is sending two nurses to Poland.

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