Letter: Thank you to a local business who accepted a large order


On Mon. May 23, a person named Jillian Buxton posted a cat stuck in a tree in Winston Park in Chestnut Hill on the Nextdoor app.

Jillian is a resident of Manayunk, so her post was not visible to those closest to the chat. Chestnut Hill’s Maxwell McAdams shared his message, so that people near the park where the cat was stuck see it.

Neighbors quickly drove to the park to try to help.

The cat was over 25 feet in the air and had chosen a narrow, weak tree to climb – which could not support the weight of an adult.

A neighbor pulled out a ladder and tried to use a claw contraption to bring the cat food, or maybe lure it in with the scent, but it didn’t work.

That evening, they left food and water at the tree trunk, hoping that the frightened cat might come down if people weren’t there.

But the next morning, the cat was still in the tree. The neighbors were worried because it had been in the sun all day.

All kinds of businesses have been contacted – local fire departments, animal rescues, utility companies, arboretums and even roofing companies.

Finally, my husband called our tree guy, Zach from Shechtman Tree Care. He said he had a team working just a few blocks away and he would dispatch them as soon as they were done.

Sure enough, they showed up around 3 p.m. and saved the cat, for free!

A neighbor, Beth Monahan, offered to give the kitten temporary housing until a forever home was found.

Heidi Dallas

Chestnut Hill


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