Joint Force Commander says Ukrainian army has changed dramatically in past four years


Today’s commanders do not hide the problems of their soldiers.

Ukraine’s Joint Forces (JFO) Operation Commander Serhiy Nayev said the Ukrainian military has undergone tremendous changes in the past four years, following the removal of outdated military standards from the Ukraine. Soviet era.

“The soldiers and commanders have changed. I have changed too. Before the war there was a ‘sovok’ [a term derived from the word “Soviet,” describing a typical mindset and predisposition of citizens toward their government/military jobs] in the army. Our armed forces that we had in 2013-2014 had been built according to the old “sovok” methodology. The Amy operated under the statutes of the Soviet Union, although officially it was considered Ukrainian. During these four years, the “sovok” was largely “kicked out” from the army, “Nayev told Ukrainian online newspaper Vysoky Zamok.

According to the commander, he now has more confidence in his soldiers. “In 2014-2015, there were personnel problems. Although many of the mobilized soldiers were very motivated and patriotic, there were also those who were afraid of war. Therefore, our forces were not uniform. The units had real leaders and those who were lagging behind. …,” he said.

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Nayev is sure that the war has taught him a lot. “In war, the best and the worst human qualities surface. If you understand that every day something irreparable can happen, you unwittingly become yourself, become real. The hypocrisy and servility, which reigned in the army of the Soviet era, disappear. Now commanders can learn a lot from their soldiers. But the main thing is that commanders do not hide the problems of their soldiers. It has become clear that we are all soldiers after all. In fact, we are equal. It’s just that I have a higher rank, therefore a greater responsibility, “he added.

“Now the soldier will not silently tolerate such commanders. I have enough power to fix or dismiss a fool. Whenever I visit a brigade or a stronghold, I ask the soldiers if they have any questions and any requests, or if they’re willing to do it, tell me something, “Nayev said, adding that the soldiers know his phone number and can call him personally if necessary.


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