It’s Our Mark: Ukrainian Government Turns Nation’s Bravery Into Greatest Cultural Export


Throughout Vladimir Putin’s bloody attack, a beacon of light cast upon all horrors is the admirable bravery of the Ukrainian nation.

So, while other countries base their economy on natural resources like oil, the Ukrainian President’s Office and the Ukrainian government intend to make bravery Ukraine’s greatest cultural export.

Connecting Ukraine to bravery, the billboard project, who is createn by Kyiv-based Banda and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, will launch locally to encourage citizens to maintain the morale they gained during the first weeks of the war.

And to share aspects of Ukrainian bravery with the world, the campaign will also be broadcast internationally in more than 15 countries around the world, including Canada, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and the United States.

To create the image of a country with brave people, bold ideas and innovative leadership, the poster campaign uses photos of brave Ukrainians alongside quotes from people such as US President Joe Biden, praising the nation for his bravery.

“All over the world, Ukrainians have been identified as a nation of brave people,” Ukraine minsist on digital transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, said.

We rally against the Russian occupiers and stop the tanks without weapons in our hands. Our heroes doctors, lifeguards, utility workers, vendors, drivers and pharmacists come to work even under the threat of fire. Ukrainian IT workers support the country’s digital infrastructure, working on laptops in bomb shelters. It is truly something admirable. I believe that after the victory, “a window of opportunities from all over the world” will open for our country and our main task will be to use it properly.”

“It was important for us to focus on a message that would have maximum effectiveness now and in the future,” Pavel Vrzheshchco-founder of Banda, added.

“What will resonate best, what will give us strength and lift our spirits? Undoubtedly, this is Ukrainian bravery. There will be no freedom without it, nor would there have been a Ukraine… And Ukrainian bravery is unparalleled today.

“The bravery of the military, the bravery of ordinary people, of our cities. No country is ready to fight against Russia, but Ukraine is fighting, and we are doing it successfully. The whole world now admires the bravery , we need to solidify this notion and make it represent Ukraine forever. It’s our DNA, our national resource. Now everyone knows that bravery is being Ukrainian.”


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