General Staff: Ukrainian army moves away from Soviet-style training routine


According to the staff, 691 collective and individual training standards have been developed on the basis of NATO standards.

Photo by UNIAN

The Ukrainian armed forces are in the process of moving from Soviet-style mass training to “individual training of professionals,” according to the deputy head of the Main Directorate of Defense Planning at the General Staff of the Ukraine. Ukrainian army, Colonel Viacheslav Demianenko.

Speaking at a briefing in Kiev, the official reported on the progress of army reform, elaborating on measures to strengthen the operational (combat, special) capabilities of Ukrainian forces, according to a correspondent from UNIAN.

To improve doctrinal documents on the training and use of the Ukrainian armed forces, 691 collective and individual training standards have been developed on the basis of NATO standards.

“A temporary guide on operational training in the Ukrainian armed forces has been approved, which also takes into account NATO procedures,” Demianenko said.

He added that since 2017, joint operational and combat training efforts have been deployed in the same operational and strategic context.

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“The total number of operational training activities has decreased by 10%. At the same time, the number of activities, such as tactical exercises, increased by 15%. At the same time, the transition is underway from the mass training we have remained from the Soviet Union to the individual training of professionals. It allows high quality selection and extensive training of specialists, ”said the military official.

To this end, seven specialized training schools have been created within the training centers. It is a basic military training school, a tank crew training school, three sniper schools, a training school specializing in anti-tank missile systems and an airborne training school.

Demyanenko also noted that a training center for missile forces and artillery units has been established.

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Efforts have been made to optimize the personnel of the units, taking into account the need to exploit the Stugna and Korsar anti-tank missile systems, which have recently shown great performance in the Donbass, as well as modern unmanned aerial vehicles.

Among other things, the maritime command and the command of the marine corps were formed.

“Our navy has received six small armored artillery boats. This year it plans to receive another such boat as well as two landing craft. Development is underway on the Lan rocket project, which will be armed with Neptun missiles. “said Demianenko.


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