Finnish president says Putin no longer interested in changing Ukrainian government

Putin told the president he had no intention of interfering with the Ukrainian government. Photo: Pete Marovitch/Paul/EPA

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has said Putin is no longer interested in changing Ukraine’s government. The statement came in an interview with CNN on Monday (14).

Niinisto is one of the Russian president’s interlocutors. Last week, he met with Russia’s CEO to maintain diplomatic channels between the country and the West.

In the interview, the Finnish president said that “Putin has his list, we all know that.” “But it looks like a change of government in Ukraine is off the list,” he said.

Asked about Putin’s intention to install a pro-Russian government in kyiv, he replied: “He was very clear when I asked him: ‘Have you given up on this request?’ He replied: I never had it.And the Niinistö reported.

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Finland’s president denies any country joining NATO

Niinistö was one of the only presidents to have had a dialogue with the Russian president in recent days. In the country, a poll carried out by the Talastutkimus Institute showed that 60% of the Finnish population supported the country’s entry into NATO.

Despite the expressive figure, the Finnish government reiterated that it had no intention of joining the organization. Russia recently said that Finland and Sweden would suffer “serious political and military consequences” if they became parties to the treaty.

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