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Great stories don’t have a bedtime.

Take the coronavirus, which The New York Times began covering nearly three years ago in live briefing form and has continued to follow day after day and night after night since. Our live coverage is revived daily and broadcast to our three main newsrooms in New York, London and Seoul, attracting huge readership worldwide.

And it’s not just the pandemic that’s getting such treatment. The fall of Afghanistan was another 24-hour story. The snowstorm that buried much of the northeastern United States in late January also transmitted from hub to the other. Same with election results, mass shootings, volcanic eruptions, coups.

To cover even more stories in real time, no matter when or where they happen, we’re expanding our Live Overseas team. Live coverage belongs to all of our reporters – on the International Desk, the Express Desk and across the rest of our vast organization. But we expect the reinforcements we put in place in London and Seoul to help us capture even more big news moments, experiment with going live in exciting new ways and ensure that our live coverage is as dynamic and authoritative as the rest of our report.

In London, where Jim Yardley has assembled an outstanding team that covers some of the world’s biggest stories, from Syria to Ukraine, Bengali Shashank established himself as a key evangelist for Live. Two newcomers with extensive experience spanning great stories around the world are joining the team this month: Matt Surmanwho will be a live editor, and Matt Biggwho will be a Live correspondent based in London.

As part of an effort to increase the number of visual editors outside of New York, as well as to increase visual storytelling in our live coverage, we also welcome Sarah Ecker as a London-based photo editor. She has made stints in New York on International, National, Express and Home.

In Seoul, where At Adrienne Carter’s dynamic operation covers the world while much of the United States sleeps, our live operation will be overseen by Andres Martinez, who has been a standout editor and correspondent on Live in New York. During his first year at The Times, Andrés established himself as a key partner to the offices of the entire newsroom jumping on stories ranging from Chauvin’s verdict to the fall of Kabul to the recent snowstorm on East cost. He also temporarily occupied Seoul, which led to his new assignment. Reporting to Andrés as a correspondent in Seoul will be Victoria Kim, a seasoned journalist whose reporting and writing chops will enhance our report.

Expect more announcements to come. With live journalism constantly evolving, and our ambitions for it only growing, Live, like news itself, will never sleep.

–Marc Lacey and Michael Slackman

Here’s more information on the new additions to our London and Seoul newsrooms, announced as a live briefing, of course:


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