Eurovision winners auction trophy donates 850,000 euros to Ukrainian military


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Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian musicians who won the recent Eurovision Song Contest, raised nearly 850,000 euros through the auction of their winners’ trophies. They donated the profits to a foundation that helps the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The trophy is a giant microphone carved out of crystal. It bears the Eurovision logo.

Kalush Orchestra auctioned its prize on Facebook. At the close of the auction on Saturday, the winning bid was awarded to Whitebit, a company specializing in the transfer of virtual currency.

Whitebit’s winning bid was 837,000 euros.

“You guys are amazing,” the band said, announcing the result. “Special thanks to Whitebit who is now the official owner of the Eurovisionb 2022 trophy.”

The entire amount raised will now be donated to the Prytula Foundation, which works to help the Ukrainian army.

On the Kalush Orchestra’s Instagram account, one can read the inescapable statement that “this is the first time in history that the Eurovion winners put their trophy up for auction to help the Ukrainian army“. Notice to pub quiz lovers.

Kalush Orchestra won the competition earlier this month with their song “Stefania”.

Russia was banned from competition following the invasion of Ukraine in February.


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