‘Drained’ Vladimir Putin shows signs of ‘physical fatigue’ amid Ukrainian military failures – Reuters



The Russian tyrant was seen at a Security Council meeting earlier today, where he discussed the need for Moscow to stop relying on Western software to protect itself from cyberattacks.

Vladimir Putin’s body language today may have suggested ‘weariness’, expert says

Vladimir Putin is showing physical signs of ‘weariness’ as Russian troops fail to achieve their battlefield objectives, body language expert claims.

The Russian bully was seen earlier today at a Security Council meeting where he claimed Moscow was under threat from repeated cyberattacks by Western state actors.

It comes as Ukraine continues to beat invading Russian troops, with unverified reports suggesting army recruiters in the Donbass are rounding up visually impaired and disabled men to fight for Putin.

Since the start of the war, Russia has suffered heavy casualties of around 28,000 men, according to Ukrainian estimates, which is almost 20% of the total force Moscow sent across the border on February 24.

The Kremlin also lost up to 60% of its equipment, including tanks, artillery launchers and other expensive military hardware.

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And today the UK Ministry of Defense claimed Russian commanders are under extreme pressure to achieve their goals in Putin’s so-called ‘special operation’.

This intense pressure could lead to troops being moved “quickly” and “without adequate preparation” – which risks making them even less capable of confronting the motivated Ukrainian army.

Speaking to The Mirror, body language expert Judi James explained how Putin looked exhausted during his speech – and was noticeably more tired than in his previous appearance when he appeared to be visibly suppressing his rage.

She explained: “The pose of his body suggests reduced energy levels. He is leaning on his forearms which are both placed on the table.

Destroyed Russian military tanks and vehicles are seen dumped in Bucha



“It’s a common pose in conference rooms, but when we look at Putin’s hands, the flesh looks slightly cupped on the table, suggesting a strong bow.[…]”

Ms James explains how Putin’s gesticulation – how he emphasizes certain words – seems regular to the bully before adding that it looks like he is trying to suggest an air of ‘reasonableness’ by making a ‘disposable gesture’ ” with his right hand.

Ms James adds: “His sigh as he begins to speak could be a performance of regret, but it could also suggest weariness.

“He performs a similar noisy breathing between his tips.

“The suggestion of low energy levels seems to be underlined when he seems to be trying to realign his posture at one point, leaning back in a stretch and pulling his elbow as if trying to take a more upright position.

Russia suffers heavy battlefield losses, Ukraine says


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“His left elbow is doing a little pumping motion towards his ribs at this point, which could be a sign that he’s rebooting his power and energy signals.

“It doesn’t look like a man totally on the ropes, but some of the more subtle cues suggest possible weariness.”

Ms James’ analysis comes amid speculation about Putin’s declining health – with his swollen face and spastic hands believed to be caused by cancer.

She thinks her face looks “more evenly puffy” in this clip, but “that effect can be created by the lighting,” she told the Mirror.

Yesterday former government intelligence professional Christopher Steele said the ailing Russian leader was now constantly surrounded by medics.

He believes the mysterious illness that has plagued the president, 69, has left Moscow reeling as they balance Putin’s health and the war in Ukraine.

Mr Steele, who headed MI6’s Russia office in London between 2006 and 2009, told LBC the “exact details” of his condition were still not known, even to his senior colleagues.

But Putin needs 24-hour medical care, he said.

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