Company director calls on Lanarkshire businesses to refuse Russian trade so its people learn the truth about the ‘evil’ war


A business manager from East Kilbride is calling on all businesses in Lanarkshire to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and tell Russian citizens the ‘truth about this evil war’.

In a bid to influence the Russian people, Eco-Mist Biotechnics took the bold step of cutting its Moscow-based supplier this week and wants others to take similar action.

Pleading for peace, director Graham Mylchreest wrote to the sales team of Potok Inter LLC to inform them that they would sever all ties following the deadly invasion of Ukraine by their leader, President Vladimir Putin.

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Graham told Lanarkshire Live: “We call on all businesses and individuals to take even small steps to exert cumulative influence on the Russian people to stop this evil war.

“We see horrifying images every day of the devastation in parts of Ukraine, of civilians who are terrified for their safety and their lives, who are displaced from their homes, living in bomb shelters with little food , water or electricity.

“There are more than a million refugees, almost all of them women and children, who have left Ukraine – probably never to return. Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are forced to stay and fight, which means that families will inevitably suffer terrible and unforgettable losses.

“What is indisputable is the terror, distress and cruelty experienced by those sheltering in bunkers and basements. It is heartbreaking and beyond belief that in 2022 – more than 100 years after the First World War, we seem to have learned nothing.”

Eco-Mist Biotechnics based at Nerston Industrial Estate

Eco-Mist Biotechnics manufactures and supplies environmentally friendly disinfectant products to treat surfaces and air against all types of pathogens, including Covid-19. The Nerston-based company started in 2012 with the goal of improving hygiene in all kinds of environments to prevent preventable illnesses.

Its dry misting systems have been used in COVID test centers across the UK during the pandemic to prevent cross-contamination between people coming in for a test.

Their systems are also used in ambulances around the world, including in Portugal, Morocco, Scandinavia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

The product he was buying from Russia is the InfectionGard airProtect – an air purification machine developed for NASA and used on the space station to protect astronauts.

Condemning the war in an email to the Russian company, Graham wrote: “Due to your country’s unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, we will no longer represent or promote your products in the UK. Uni or through our international distribution network.

“I am telling you this because I am aware that information and news are tightly controlled in Russia. I want you to know the truth.

“For the bad to win, all it takes is for the good people to do nothing.

“We plead for the support of good Russian citizens – give peace a chance.”

Last month, global software company Ideagen Plc of Scottish Enterprise Technology Park in East Kilbride issued a statement condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine and terminated contracts with all suppliers and customers in Russia.

Flattened block of flats in Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Flattened block of flats in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Graham told Lanarkshire Live: “I know our voice probably means nothing, but it’s the least we can do to express our outrage at Russian aggression and the potential threat to world peace.

“We felt we had to take a stand against this. So far our relationship with the supplier has been very positive. They are a professional organization backed by quality science and testing.

“But, we believe the least we can do is send a message to the Russians that we cannot accept their military aggression against a peaceful nation.

“We are aware that this small act could have a minimal effect, but if more companies refuse to trade with Russia, the truth will reach the people.

“If everyone with the ability to influence or inform Russian opinion did their part, the cumulative effect would be considerable.”

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