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Salary surveys are a business matter. However, that doesn’t mean that people should ignore this, as they could also start their own business, seek to improve their current businesses, or as employees recommend their bosses or coworkers to look into the matter. Salary surveys could potentially encourage a healthy and productive environment.

What is a salary survey?

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As the name suggests, salary surveys are processes that collect information regarding the compensation of employees, the work they do, the hours they allocate and the service they render to customers or aspects internal to their work. It is known that the workforce or employees are one of the greatest assets of a business. Despite the many advances the company has made, it still cannot be said that technology can now replace them.

A salary survey can help get a person’s assessment for the job they are currently doing, and it would help make them feel they matter in the business. Also, it helps to give a specific employee their due compensation for the work or task they perform. This helps retain them, rather than losing them to the competitive market.

Who is CNA International IT?

CNA International Informatique offers a salary survey service. They focus on an analytical product containing salary information in Ukrainian IT segment, growing niches, expert commentary from HR generalists and IT product and outsourcing company partners, market trends and market information as well as salary tables.

The main competitive advantage of CNA International IT is that it is a UK franchise headquartered in the UK, Birmingham, with over 60 years of business history that has given it the company its working approaches and procedures and its ability to manage complex situations.

CNA International IT Salary Survey: Why Do You Need It?

The main value of the salary survey is that the company can keep the current team just by knowing the precise information about the salaries and benefits in the market. The service provided by CNA International IT can save time and effort in building the loyalty of a team or group of employees who stagnated over time, especially with regard to their salary.

The need for a salary survey is essential from time to time. It makes it possible to retain employees in the company, to make them feel privileged and valued and to forge relationships within the structure, in particular the management and its workforce.

CNA International Informatique

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A business can get to a point where it has set all the basics for every aspect, from business to customers, from administration to production, and more. However, one of the most overlooked aspects here is the workforce, and this can stem from concerns about benefits, working conditions and pay.

The above-mentioned factors play a major role in the productivity of a workplace or business as these employees are given the responsibility of keeping the production of the business running.

CNA International IT helps bring the independent analysis solution to market, which was lacking at this time. The company aims to ensure that the hype or popularity of the company does not affect its employment, as well as to help retain the workforce even after the pandemic.

CNA International IT helps energize the salary market and understand the expectations of individuals when applying for said corporate client.

What does the CNA International IT salary survey offer?

The CNA International IT salary survey usually guarantees a report after knowing the requirements of the job. The terms depend on the difficulty of the task requested.

By first knowing the requirements, CNA International IT can define how the survey can be developed and ensure the quality of the work provided to its clients.

The job begins after collecting all the vital information it needs to study a particular business structure. The company boasts of its massive response capabilities and in-depth study of the IT industry, where it has diverse and readily available information.

Features of the CNA International IT Salary Survey

  • 10,000+ respondents
  • More than 2,000 management positions
  • Internal analytical service
  • Original ideas and realizations of projects
  • Fresh market data is reviewed monthly and presented to the market twice a year
  • Independent Analysis – this feature of CNA International IT can help deliver accurate data that helps build team loyalty without any additional HR tools. Also, it helps to occupy leading positions by having an idea of ​​the market situation.
  • With the exception of salary grids, they provide information about the benefits companies offer to employees, market trends, their explanation, information about growing niches, etc.


  • Has data on all major IT segment specializations including C-level positions
  • Additional positions could be studied on request
  • Expert comments from HR generalists
  • Market Snapshot
  • Market trends for a short term perspective
  • Pioneer in the Ukrainian IT segment, a recruitment agency that conducts such a survey with a mentioned amount of respondents and presents it in the form of a report.

The inconvenients

  • Information only on Ukrainian IT segment

The business has many advantages or benefits for its potential client, and this makes it a worthy consideration for his business, especially when looking at the valuation or survey of his business. The company offers a lot to its customers, and it only shows its reliability as a company that deals with sensitive topics like salary.

Moreover, its only downside is that it currently only focuses on the Ukrainian IT sector, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t expand to other regions. CNA International IT will soon be offering a deep dive into the survey with its information gathered in the months or years to come to serve a diverse audience or clientele.

CNA International IT has certain parameters on the price they charge a company, and all of them are defined in its package. Further research needed on their part would be the basis of the additional charge. Recruitment agencies and HR partners count among its clientele, as well as its specialty, the IT industry and outsourcing companies. Its data is collected from its candidates that CNA International uses for its research.

His positions are very well detailed and modeled on the company itself, including the requirements of the job and all that entails. The company also prepares its research six months in advance, which gives it ample time to put together and analyze the company. They also offer on-demand research after the study if more information is desired.

The CNA International IT salary surveys are one of the many services the company offers in its broad portfolio which focuses on the many offerings. In addition, it also focuses on Ukrainian IT market overview it would benefit businesses.

The company guarantees that its analysis and study of a particular business model and its salary surveys would help increase employee compensation. It would not be a random or generalized experience for a specific position. It would collect data and information from different sources within the company, ensuring a fair and reasonable salary assessment for everything the employee has done for the collective good.

The service provided by the company gives them an idea of ​​the business landscape in Ukraine, which in turn helps them in the process of employment and hiring in the country. The main concern clients have with them is the legitimacy and freshness of the data, something CNA International IT prides itself on being up to date and applicable even after the study.

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