Olytsky Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity – one of the most beautiful monuments of the early Baroque in Ukraine (photo) – VSVITI – everything that impresses you!

  In a small Volyn settlement, Olika is a landmark of sacred architecture of the first half of the XVII century. The temple at one time was considered the most beautiful temple of all Volhynia and the most beautiful Baroque church in Poland. (At the time when the Poles land Continue Reading

Russian fate

“A lot of Russian literature is about how the individual’s destiny is influenced by historical events. This is what Russian scientist Kristian Krohg-Sørensen , who last autumn published a comic book about the Russian Revolution. In the wake of the Revolutionary Jubilee, we have asked him to give us an Continue Reading

Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19

The Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19 is impressive: if we were talking about the keyword of the season, I would say “responsibility.” Responsible clothing and responsible use of clothing devoted to several projects Responsibility for the authority of the country and for the quality of the “product” being exported is devoted Continue Reading