Apple sues creators of Pegasus virus, Israeli company NSO Group


Apple sues NSO Group / 24 channel

Several Western media have written about the lawsuit filed by Apple over the activities of the Israeli company NSO Group, responsible for creating the infamous Pegasus virus. The latter caused a sensation in the press after large-scale investigations into the surveillance of politicians, activists, journalists, human rights defenders, businessmen and other public figures.

According to the source, the company is unhappy that Pegasus is being used to hack its devices. A large number of these cases have already been treated with specific examples by various publications.

Apple vs. NSO Group

Apple said the lawsuit wanted the NSO Group to “permanently ban any Apple software, service or device.”

Group, spend millions of dollars on sophisticated surveillance technology and operate without adequate levels of accountability – this needs to be stopped. Apple devices are the most secure consumer devices on the market, but the activities of private hacking companies are alarming and thought-provoking
– said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software at Apple.

According to data collected and published by Apple, Pegasus spyware provides authorities in different countries with remote access to microphones, cameras and other modules and data of all smartphones – iPhone and Android. Besides,

the virus can infect devices automatically, without any action on the part of their owners.

Apple previously said it fixed an iMessage vulnerability in iOS 14.8 that Pegasus was using to access company smartphones, and has yet to find a single successful virus attack on devices running iOS 15 or later.

The Pegasus scandal: what we know


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