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Kiev, Ukraine, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of outstream video advertising solutions released the company’s third quarter 2021 business results, indicating that daily video ad impressions exceeded 47,000,000 in July – September 2021.

According to the official announcement, the video ad serving volumes tracked are well in line with the company’s guidance for Q3 2021, with a further increase expected in Q4 2021, given the recent acquisition of new business partners. supply and the anticipated increase in advertising activity during the holiday season. .

Regarding functional upgrades, Q3 2021 saw the release of new VAST player features, primarily focused on setting up playlists and video ad player API updates.

Like Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro The CEO said the third quarter of 2021 has been a unique and exceptionally uplifting time for the company. “In August, we celebrated our fifth anniversary, and it was the best time to look back on past achievements, as well as to tackle the definition of our future goals and the planning of our business activities for the coming months. “, he explained.

“From what we are seeing in Q1 – Q3 2021, this year’s results look promising so far, but Q4 is definitely the crunch time for one last push,” he added. .

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Founded in 2016, AdPlayer.Pro has already distinguished itself in the crowded digital video advertising market by being able to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry with a wide range of innovative outstream video advertising solutions.

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