A Russian diplomat accuses the Ukrainian government of not investigating the murders of several journalists


As the war in Eastern Europe continues to escalate with no sign of an imminent end, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says the Ukrainian government has made no progress in the investigation on the murders of several journalists, while Western countries also choose to ignore the subject. Ambassador Fedor Strzhizhovsky made the statement during an Arria-formula informal meeting of UN Security Council member states, entitled “Protection of Journalists”. “Today there are many discussions about the supposedly guaranteed safety of journalists in Ukraine. Of course, we understand that the Western world today can either talk about Ukraine well or not talk about it at all. But there must be limits to this ‘eye wash’ after all,” he said, according to TASS news agency.

The Russian diplomat further claimed that Ukraine had ceased to be a safe place for journalists, especially those who oppose the Ukrainian regime, long before the launch of the military operation in late February. Strzhizhovsky said Ukrainian human rights defenders have documented numerous cases of far-right activists blocking television networks that the Kyiv regime does not approve of. According to him, several cases of intimidation of journalists and obstruction of their professional activity have occurred in Ukraine, the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities being completely permissive.

Ukraine’s media provocations could become a global threat: Russia

“Since 2014, more than 20 journalists have died in Ukraine. This happened in the context of an armed conflict in the Donbass that the West tries not to notice. Unfortunately, there has been no progress in the investigations into these murders and most of the cases of violence, not to mention the violations of media freedom. It is a pity that no one had the courage to address this episode at the Arria meeting today. today,” Strzhizhovsky noted. He further stated that Ukraine’s media provocations, which were planned in accordance with Western principles, could become a global threat and backfire on those who support them.

Russia calls for measures to protect Russian journalists

Earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Ministry called on Germany, other European Union countries and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries to take swift action to protect Russian journalists on their soil. “UN, UNESCO and OSCE bodies committed to protecting the rights of journalists should speak out honestly about this blatant attack on freedom of expression and the safety of journalists, the fundamental principles of democracy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Meanwhile, on May 3, the European Council claimed that more than 10 Ukrainian and international journalists had been killed and many others injured since the start of the war, which was launched on February 24.

Image: AP

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