80-year-old man tries to enlist in Ukrainian army to fight Russia ‘for his grandchildren’


Photo credit: Twitter/Kateryna Yushchenko

An 80-year-old Ukrainian man has gone viral on Twitter after a photo he was apparently trying to join the army to fight ‘for his grandchildren’.

The widely circulated photo, posted to social media by former Ukrainian first lady Kateryna Yushchenko on Thursday evening, shows the elderly man in a black cap addressing a Ukrainian soldier with a leather bag.

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“Someone posted a picture of this octogenarian who showed up to join the military, carrying a small briefcase with 2 t-shirts, extra pants, a toothbrush and some sandwiches for lunch,” Yushchenko wrote. “He said he was doing it for his grandchildren.”

It’s unclear who took the photo, but the photo went viral on Friday after Russia launched its massive attack on Ukraine that took the media by storm.

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Social media users applauded the grandfather’s bravery, one Twitter user shared, “No words can describe the bravery, patriotism and love of this man. So sad and so inspiring. My love for my grandchildren is absolute and I would do anything for them, but I wouldn’t be enough brave to literally fight for them. This man’s sacrifice is overwhelming. 🇺🇦”


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