18 things to do when you are in Lisbon

There are a few places you should see while on a trip to Lisbon and a few without whom you can not leave the city if you have not visited them!

See what are the most interesting things you can do in the Portuguese capital.

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Take surfing

The beaches are not far from Lisbon (some are only 20 minutes drive from the center), and residents like to dive into the sea every time they get the chance. If you spend your time in Lisbon, this is the perfect opportunity to learn to surf.

Visit the castle

There are several tourist sites that should not be missed and the visit to Mauritania Castle “St. George” is one of them. In addition to the castle you will enjoy wonderful views of the city.

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Go dance

In Lisbon, listeners will find every style of music, from pop to hip-hop, African music and Brazilian beats. Everywhere there are dances, some happen on the streets, and clubs are scattered from the center to the more distant neighborhoods.

Dinner by the river

Enjoy a delicious Portuguese meal, such as fresh seafood, while watching sailboats sailing slowly along the river. There are many restaurants you can choose from, especially in Das Nações Park and between Cais do Sodré and Belém.

Get on the tram 28

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This is the best way to see the different areas of Lisbon, and so on the colorful tramcans that are so emblematic for Lisbon.

Walk around the city

Walking is an even better way to explore the city. Take a moment to look at the small souvenir shops where there are plenty of cork and canned sardines. After the city center, walk down the streets to the north, stopping from time to time to eat a leg or coffee.

Eat in Tasca and talk to the locals

Visit the small traditional tasca restaurants and talk to the locals who will be happy to share with you interesting stories about Lisbon and Portugal.

Boat trip

Boating along the river is a unique experience that everyone has to experience at least once and provides a perfect romantic ambience for couples in love.


The Belem Tower

The Belém Tower is a must-stop for which you have to spend time. But keep in mind that the whole area is wonderful and spends more time – the monument, the local houses and gardens, the cozy restaurants and the cafes.

Listen Fado

The Portuguese traditional fado music was born in Lisbon and listening to several songs will give you a unique look at the urban melancholic side. You can choose a fado music room and enjoy it while you eat traditional dishes.

Explore the churches and monasteries

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Since Portugal is a Catholic country, there is no shortage of churches and monasteries to visit. Most of them have existed for centuries and have unique and fascinating stories that you can learn.

Visit underground Roman galleries

These tunnels are open only for a few days each year, so if your visit coincides with those days, do not miss the opportunity to look at them. The Roman galleries in Lisbon were discovered after the great earthquake of 1755.

Buy a souvenir

Beautiful, colorful, painted tiles are an integral part of Portuguese culture. They are usually sold as souvenirs, so you can bring a piece of Lisbon home.

Explore the markets

Portuguese cuisine is one of the best in the world! In addition to the meals offered by restaurants, try to visit some of the markets where you can buy fresh meat, cheese and wine.

Visit a festival or other event

Particularly in the summer, many festivals and outdoor events are organized in Lisbon. Many of them have a free entrance and are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the city atmosphere and have fun with the locals.

Unique views

The numerous restaurants and bars located on the hills of Lisbon mean you can easily get fantastic city views while enjoying a meal or a drink. From the top of some of the rooftop bars, the views include the castle, the river and a complete view over Lisbon.

Learn about Portuguese literature

Portugal loves the literature, especially the one written by local authors. Some of them, like Fernando Pessoa, are known all over the world and will open your eyes to another way of thinking and being.

Get ready for sweets

Lisbon is home to an abundance of patisseries, each of which offers visitors delicious pastries. Even if you are only in the city for a short time, you should definitely try the local specialty pasteis de nata. We highly recommend Confeitaria National and Pastelaria Versailles.

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